Mission and Vision


By providing the required information and skills to our engineering students in high standards, they will reach the level of being competitive in fields of research and application in Turkey and also in the world.


In the field of electrical and electronics engineering, our vision is to comprehend, produce, improve and disseminate all the necessary knowledge, skills and technologies for Turkey and the humanity.

Our aim:

 To educate electrical and electronics engineers and candidates of scientists who

      • have a solid basis of knowledge and professional education in the field of electrical and electronics engineering
      • can utilize the necessary techniques to the latest engineering applications and use the modern communication tools and hardware effectively
      • are able to perform researches and propose projects in applied sciences in nationally and internationally
      • are able to follow, adopt, implement and contribute to the rapid developments in the studies they are working by comprehending the importance of lifelong learning
      • have the ability to think creatively and analytically
      • are able to analyze and design in an advanced level
      • can take responsibilities individually and are prone to team work
      • are capable to perform multi-disciplinary studies
      • are virtuous and hard-working, and can utilize the professional know-how for the benefits of the mankind and the society
      • can take heed of the universal values and are conscious to the environment
      • follow professional ethics and possess sense of responsibility
      • can set effective oral and written communications
      • possess qualities of leadership.


To make the students become conscious about the complementary elements of engineering are the social life, the business life, the industry and the human being; To carry out the research activities that contribute to technological developments.


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