Engineering Projects


Project Group Info Entry Due Date: 15 January 2022, 23:59
Thesis Report Due Date: 1 February 2022, 23:59
Poster ve Project Presentation Date: 11 February 2022, all day
Resit Presentation Date: 18 February 2022 

Project Group Info Entry:

Until the due date, each group must enter the necessary information to the table below. It is sufficient for a single student from each group to enter the project group information. Moodle enrollments can be done only for students who enter their group information.

Group Information Table

Thesis Report Submission:

Each group must submit their project posters, presentations and thesis reports to the related moodle course before the deadline. The reports that are sent after the thesis report deadline will not be processed. The thesis reports submitted will be subject to Turnitin Control.

Course Code Files to be Submitted  Moodle Course Link
EE4197 Engineering Project I

poster (power point) (max. 8MB)

thesis report (Word, doc) (max. 8MB)

 EE4197 Moodle
EE4198 Engineering Project II

presentation (power point) (max. 8MB)

thesis report (Word, doc) (max. 8MB)

 EE4198 Moodle

Moodle Registration:

At least one student from each group was enrolled in the moodle course.

If the students who have already registered in the system do not know their user name and password for logging into the system, they can change their password and log in via their registered e-mail addresses by saying I forgot my password.

A new registration was created for the newly registered students based on the e-mail addresses they submitted in BYS. These students are required to log in with the username and password sent to their e-mail address.

Turnitin Control

Turnitin controls of the thesis report which must be prepared in scope of EE4097/4197 and EE4098/4198, will be done by the department.

The similarity rate can be a maximum of 10% in total, and a maximum of 3% for each references.

In addition, source codes added to the report cannot be in image format. These source codes must be added in the text form.

The student who cannot pass the Turnitin control will not be able to make a presentation. They will do re-take directly.

The thesis reports that meet the conditions specified in Turnitin control can be presented with the posters and project presentations prepared in accordance with the templates below, on the Presentation Day.

Project Presentation Plan:

The groups that passed the Turnitin Control can only present their study.

2021-2022 Fall Term Graduation Projects presentations (both EE4197 & EE4198) will be held online on the Zoom platform.

Turnitin Control Passed Groups Zoom Link
EE4197_Groups ee4197_zoom
EE4198_Groups ee4198_zoom

Resit Presentations

Resit Groups Zoom Link
EE419x_Groups zoom

Zoom Meeting link will be shared from here, one day before the presentation.

1. Session 09:00 - 12:00 
Break 12:00 - 14:00
2. Session 14:00 - 17:00

Between the specfied hours, All of the group members must wait in the relevant room at the zoom meeting, which will be announced to them one day before the presentation day. If any of our Jury Members cannot find students in the relevant room, they will not wait. In addition, this will result in loss of points from the Jury points and/or Advisor points.


Poster Presentation

(EE 4197/4097)

Poster Template (Power Point)

Posters should be horizontal as template format given on the left side.

However, your poster must include the 8 sections and 4 subsections under the Design Section in the Poster Template . Otherwise, you may lose points from the Format section in the Scoring System.

You should enrich your poster with related pictures, graphics, plots etc.

University and Faculty logo or sponsor company logo can be placed on the poster. Logos should be placed in the right and left upper corners in appropriate sizes.

Thesis Report

(EE 4097/4197)

(EE 4198/4098)

Thesis Template (Word)

Each chapters in the template should be written in English with appropriate information to describe your project.

Project Presentation

(EE 4198/4098)

Presentation Template (Power Point)

Each chapters in the template should be written in English with appropriate information to describe your project.

Scoring System

The Scoring System has been decided as follows.

First Semester (EE4197)

Format     (%20)
Advisor Score (%60)
Jury Score (%20)
Total (%100)

Format score will effect your total score in a binary way. 

In the first semester, the student prepares a poster presentation and will be presented openly to everyone online. Faculty members of the department examine the presentations of the students and give the jury score.

Second Semester (EE4198)

Format (%20)
Jury Score (%20)
MUDEK needs (%10)
Advisor Score (%50)
Funded by TUBITAK  (+%10 bonus)
Written an academic paper/article (+ %10 bonus)
Toplam (%100)


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