Freshman Physics 101 Course students exhibited own maked projects. We  thank  Assist. Prof. Semran İpek who gives Physics 101 Course very much.


Innovation Week

With Innovation Week, winner of the choosen best projects of  the 17 Design Competition and 7 R-D Projects Competition which is realized Turkey Exporters' Association in 2012 were taken awards.  Prof. Dr. Murat DOĞRUEL who winner the most innovative automative project award submited 'Ulaşım Konformetresi' with Assit. Prof. Alper ŞİŞMAN.



The Days(Marmara University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Publicity Days)

The days was carried out at Marmara University Göztepe Campus Gym in between  01.08.2012 -02.08.2012. Thank you for your interest.



Electrical and Electronics Engineering students' made projects are good examples of   transfer practice and imagination beside thereotical information is teached in our department course in the spring term of 2011-2012.

Some of the made many projects are as the following:

  • Car which follow the ligth
  • İmage processing with artificial intelligence
  • Cooking egg machine
  • Charge mobile phone with wind power
  • Arduino Hexapod
  • Crazy disk
  • The traffic signs
  • The flow sensing circuit
  • The Reflex gauge
  • The recognition paper money
  • The spy ear
  • The alarm systems projects
  • Distance meter
  • Sniffer for mobile phones
  • Decorative lighting with Rgb LED
  • The recognition plate
  • Laser audio transmission
  • The Ping-pong game
  • The Homopolar motor
  • Quadrotor
  • Simple doing loudspeakers
  • Atari punk
  • The lit
  • Digital voice recording
  • Mini sumo
  • LED  cube
  • DC motor efficiency with Gearbox
  • 4-bit binary numbers convert to 16-bit binary numbers on the electronic circuit 


 Marmara University Faculty of Engineering Robot Team at  The Uludağ University Robot Days

Marmara University Faculty of Engineering Robot Team in which Electrical and Electronics Engineering students in The Line Following Group had achieved two times the  2nd awards in the line following category and the multi line following category in The Robot Olympiad  which was  carried out in  Uludağ Robot Days 2012.


 Effect of The Electromagnetic Waves Seminar


Mr. Prof. Dr. Selim Şeker who is a member of The Boğaziçi University, carried out given summary seminar  in  below at the 144 number conference hall of the B Building of the Engineering  in the 19 Dec 2011. Day by day increasing electromagnetic waves which are spreaded by electronic machines in our life have aroused the curiosity and the concern increasingly.The  cause of discussing this problem informs the peoples and aware of sensitivity of this issue and having risk to society. This seminar focuses on standart of the radiation sources, the damage caused by, the radiation preventing techniques.


 TUBITAK-Institude of The National Meteorological Technical Tour


TUBITAK-Institude of The National Meteorological, Gebze-Kocaeli technical tour was carried out in the 9 Dec 2011.


Carreer Ladders of The Electrical and Electronics Engineering


The 25 November,member of the Fatih University Prof. Dr. Kemal Fidanboylu’s "Carreer Ladders of The Electrical and Electronics Engineering" seminar was carried out at the 144 number conference hall of the B Building of the Engineering. İn this seminar,to graduate from best career of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering students, from first year to last year, it was told how need to spend four years BSc time in detail.


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