Master's Program

Master Program

    • Application conditions to graduate program and the quota of the program are determined and announced at the beginning of each academic year by the administrative board of Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences according to Marmara University, Graduate Education and Examination Regulations which was issued in the Official Journal on 2 February 1997.

    • Master of Science program is for the students graduated from 4-year Electrical and Electronics Engineering programs. Students, graduated from similar engineering programs, have to attend a scientific deficiency program consisting of prerequisite courses which are determined by the department of electrical and electronics engineering. According to 37th item of the regulations mentioned above, applicants have to fulfill the scientific deficiency program within one year.

    • Education is in English, thus applicants have to express themselves in English fluently. Also, the entrance exam is in English.

    • Students of the program should take and complete at least seven compulsory and elective courses which are not less than 21 credits in addition to seminar and thesis courses to earn the degree of Master of Science. Seminar and thesis courses have no credits and they are evaluated as success or failure. All the proposed courses in the Master of Science program in electrical and electronics engineering are elective. At most three out of seven courses can be taken from other engineering departments in Engineering Faculty. Names, codes and contents of the courses which are proposed in Master of Science program (with thesis) in electrical and electronics engineering can be found below. Those codes, names and contents are prepared according to Marmara University, Education and Training Guide. Courses will be chosen with the guidance of the supervisor.

You can access curriculum of Master Program on MEOBS website.

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