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Internship Procedures: 

1) Workplace Petition is signed by Internship Committee Chairman who is Asst. Prof. Emre ARSLAN by the student.

2) If the answer is  positive to internship demand , a student internship acceptance form is filled out by the workplace and than it is given back to student.The student have to take 3 copies from the student internship acceptance. 2 of their is given to secretaryship and the other one may be him/her if not require.

3)The students have to go to  Mrs. Türkan at the accounting department where it is third floor at Deanery. And the students have to approve  their form of  compulsory internship before 10-15 days  from the internship.


Internship Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to answer the asked questions to internship committee;

Question-1:My internship has finished, what should I do?

Answer-1:After finished your internship, you need to deliver the below documents to internship committee;

                 i-Internship report written in English

                 ii-Internship evaluation form in the closed envelope(Company stamp must be on the envelope) and

                 filled in by the company

Question-2:My friend and I worked together in the company/university. Can I write with my friend to the internship report?

Answer-2:No, co-written internship report is not accepted. The reports must be individual.

Question-3: What is the due date to hand in the documents(Intenship form and Assesment form) after the internship?

Answer-3: September 13(due date) is determined according to the university academic calender.According to the same academic calender,October 4 is the due date for sending required list and documents to faculty and assesment of reports.Thus, undelivered internship reports until september 13 shall be excluded from evaluation. Please, take care to don't go wasting your efforts...

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