Some Advantages of Marmara University

      • University is located in the heart of city
      • Students can study abroad by the exchange programs within the framework of ERASMUS
      • Double major and subspeciality programs can be pursued
      • Students in the campus can benefit from the computer lab
      • Wide range of resources are available at the Central Library (not only books and periodicals, but also visual media such as VCD and DVD collections)
      • There are sorority dormitories in the campus
      • Students get scholarships provided by the Rectorship of Marmara University
      • There are more than 100 student clubs configured according to students aspects and talents
      • Free of charge cultural courses (on Turkish Folk Music , Folk Music and Turkish Classical Music Choir, Theater Plays, Photography, Playing Musical Instruments such as violin, guitar and bağlama) and sports courses (on Table Tennis, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Volleyball, Basketball, Boxing and Chess) are provided by the Directorate of Health Culture and Sports.


Advantages of Engineering Faculty

      • Education in full English language
      • Academic staff with solid international experience
      • Up-to-date curriculum that coincides the approved standards in the World
      • Office hours designated to students by lecturers
      • Students can benefit from the education program and researches in progress at the Faculty of Technical Education and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences  which are located at the same campus
      • Due to close relationships between the deparments, collaborations are possible
      • Part-time jobs can be offerred to students by the Faculty
      • Computer labs available to the students
      • Lectures are not given in large classrooms, thus students can benefit from the individual attention
      • Preparatory class students can attend to lectures of freshmen depending on the schedule
      • Students can take part in scientific researches as well as several clup activities, technical excursions, weekend parties and seminars that are given by famous people


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